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Monday, 11 January 2010

Back in England

We left the cold but sunny Italy and flew into the snowiest England I have ever seen, and I have been living overseas in the UK for thirty years! We will have to add photos to this blog or even I won't believe what I am seeing out my window.

This weather makes me think of baking to warm up the kitchen on a winter day. On Saturdays I love to make either waffles or pancakes and this past Saturday was no exception, except that my step-daughter is absolutley a Level Six when it comes to her kitchen and cooking in general. This meant that everything was geared up to Italian ways and means....a beautiful Italian designed scale on the counter but no American measureing cups or spoons. Not even English measuring equipment and she is English! Thankfully my husband knows how to convert Italian to English to American recipes and I could work backwards from the Better Homes and Gardens recipe I found on the internet. I give thanks that we do not have to lug around cook books these days!

So....blueberry pancakes it was and today I am thinking about chocolate chips cookies, and my Level Four kitchen is all prepared! Just the thing to match up with hot chocolate and marshmallows after a lunch time of playing in this amazing snow that looks more like Colorado than England!

If you want to know more about Levels of Livng or Moving to another country, remember to order my book "Parents on the Move!" which is coming out in March, from Destiny Image Europe. As we start to build the website to accompany the book, you will also see weblinks to great cooking sites.

Blessings, Kathleen

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    This post reminded me a bit of the movie Julie and Julia. There is a part in the movie where Julia Childs is trying to read French cookbooks and convert from the metric season. It was a hoot. Stay warm!