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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Just a quick note to say that we are away this week at a family baptism in Italy. The following week we head to New York City and then down to Tampa where I look forward to catching up with a spot of blog writing!

In the meantime, let me say I think I found my new favourite airplane: Air Dolomiti. In addition to the interior of the plane being my favourite colour, you start with the flight attendants handing you a warm face cloth (real cloth, not paper) and then lovely snacks on a short flight. My six foot husband was actually comfortable in his seat and pleased to not have to pay extra for carrying large bags with grand-baby items.Smiles alround with cabin crew;and above all a good safe flight....not for the faint hearted, landing in Ancona as you slip over oil tankers. Oh, and it was cheaper than Ryan Air.

A blessed Resurrection Sunday to all...with Passover and Good Friday it is Holy Week, indeed.

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