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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pentecost Sunday

My mother received a call at 6:50 am this morning. My first thought was, "who would call at such an hour?" as I staggered to get the phone for her. While she was talking, I put the coffee on. Soon I heard words from my mother, "oh that's terrible. I am so sorry." At first I thought it was another elderly person calling saying that someone was ill or had died.
Then I heard her say, "and you say the scriptures will be read in Yoruba? And you have to miss that?"
When mom got off the phone, she said, "my friend has to work at the hospital this morning and can't go to church. And they will be reading the scriptures in her own language in honour of Pentecost Sunday. It is so sad she has to miss it."

I am moved by the fact that my mother would love a phone call at this hour from someone a very long way from home, from someone who just wanted to go to church to hear the scripture read in her own language, but cannot go...and that this woman knew my mother would be available for a "mom moment of comfort."

I give thanks for all those that have mothered me in the past when I was a long way from these southern states of America and needed a mom-moment. What a world we live in and how special it is when those that have lived and are living this global nomadic life are there for each other.

"Gotta go..." mom is on the phone calling First Baptist Church Washington,DC giving her Pentecost greetings. When she lived there she started the Pentecost Sunday serivce. She's telling them to remember to get the flags of the nations out!"

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