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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Grandparents on the Move!

We are back in Italy and enjoying being grandparents "up close" for a week. We try to visit twice a year and in between times, enjoy seeng the newest addition to our family on skype. This year, Baby D (now one and a half) met us at the airport with his parents; but after the long ride home he went straight to the compter and kept pointing- we were supposed to be on skype! And here we were- alive in person!

I just love the fact that he made the connection!

We flew Ryan Air down from Standsted airport yesterday and noted they are no longer just "handing out" little plastic bags for liquids. Now there is a vending machne where, for a pound ($1.62)- and you do need the proper coin- you can purchase a small platic baggie for your toothpaste etc. I've started stuffing our roll on- carry on bag (one per person), with zip lock bags from the supermarket.

We're looking forward to this week of pushcahir/stroller/passeggino walks into the ancient part of this hillside village and collectng Baby D from his nursery group one or two afternoons.....and I've got the baggies at the ready - just incase. You never know, somewhere in my parenting days I know I used them for more than just airline security!

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