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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Relocation Research- Driving Around the New Location

So, you have your list of six schools to visit (see "Parents on the Move!," chapter Three, Destiny Image Europe Publishers, you can order from Amazon or and are setting up appointments to visit your schools. Write out a schedule for no more than three school visits a day. In my book, I provide you a sample "School Visiting Schedule," which you can photo copy and keep with you throughout your one week research trip.
Do make sure you have telephoned the schools before boarding the plane, to confirm your appointments and have a named person to meet at each school. You will have, of course, checked out school websites and any possible facebook info. Do not rely on this sort of social media as gospel for what actually happens at a school, but do use it to formulate your questions when on the school tour.
Secondly, I strongly recommend you splash out for a car driver. This may sound extravagant, but bear with me.This is no time to be late for school visits simply because you do not know your way around upper Manhattan or Fairfield County. Principals/Headmistresses have cleared a space for you on their time table and it is seriously not a good idea to be late in most school cultures. Having a driver can free you up to call ahead to the school (again, confirming that you are actually on the way) and to discuss education issues with someone on your support team (next week in this blog) while en route. Save learning your way around your new town for another time.When you are on your school visiting schedule, you are down to business! Should you wish to "see the location," the driver knows just where to look for Main Street/High Street, leafy neighbourhoods,shops, et al.
While I do not get a commission from any driver, I have suggestions for London (do email me)and New York (area) and have found Boston Coach to be reliable over the years in the later. Make sure, when booking the driver that he or she is happy to discuss neighbourhoods with you, and best school driving routes at eight am in the morning- they have some very helpful insights!

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