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Monday, 13 June 2011

English RE Curriculum comes Alive with Orizon!

Pupils at the Weyburn School in Farnham, Surrey are in for a treat today! Orison is hosting a day of interactive, multi-sensory prayer spaces....and that means a time out of the classroom to meet some very important RE (Religeous Education) Curriculum targets, indeed.

My husband and I joined some of the youth workers in Farnham for a taster experience this past Sunday afternoon and we were impressed both by the quality of learning station experiences as well as the enthusiasm of the staff that hosts the event.

RE with the Orison team becomes more that just "reflecting on beliefs, teachings, world issues and ultimate questions," (Curriculum targets) it is experiencing these questions and reflections in a way that engages teens. For example, there is a wire cage where you can climb in, and then read questions such as, "Who is caging you in?"

Teens can explore the "zones" at their own pace, such as the "Image Zone," where there is a chance to consider their "image and identity," a World Zone, where they can pray about what is going on in the world, a "Sorry Zone," where they explore forgiving and being forgiven, as well as letting go of past hurts. There is also a "Bubble Zone, " which is a chill out zone complete with bubble tube, symbolizing sending up their prayers to God.Post-it notes with prayers everywhere!See the comments the pupils have made on previous experience days, by going to their website listed below.

Check out the Orizon website:

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