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Monday, 3 October 2011

It's a Ministry!

This past Sunday I was blessed to hear Pastor Joy announce that she and Pastor Jim are starting to hold Open House for the parents of any teenagers attending the Friday night "Firebrand!" (every youth group worth its salt seems to have a name other than "youth group" these days)

Though my "kids" are way past the youth group age, I remember clearly the nights when you drive the young ones to church, drop them off and then try to return on time. Parents can even argue over "whose turn it is to do the run," and it is only a slight step up from the diaper/nappy changing conversation had years earlier.

Some parents are smart about this time and use it as their own Date Night, but in these financially challenged times going out to dinner (just for themselves) doesn't always make the budget cut. Yet, parents of teenagers need very much to invest in their own marriage and have a little fun with other parents- even having a little relief time from their full-on parenting job. Once your kids are in High School you aren't exactly catching up and sharing the real stories with other parents at the "school-gate" anymore.

For Pastors Jim and Joy at Fisherman's Net Revival Center in Venice, Florida to recognise this and open their home to parents who have already spent the money on the gas/petrol to drive the kids to their evening out just blessed me. I know they will have a great time in our Pastors' home; getting to enjoy a laugh, share a prayer concern and inside scoop on what's going on and chomping on some great food. Makes me want to carry out my true ministry-baking some chocolate chip cookies! Let's bless parents, not just at the early stages;but when they have been at it awhile.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe:

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