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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Coffee in Italy

Coffee in Italy is what tea is to England. It is taken seriously. Giovanni, my step-son in law says that coffee made the Italian way is the only thing he needs when travelling out of Italy. He has never found it  properly made (out of Italy) and that is mostly due to the way the stove tops are made. You need a gas stove with specially shaped "ring" to fit the small metal coffee maker.

On our past visits I have learned about the paraphenalia that goes with expresso and started learning the fine art of making it myself.On this trip I am undertaking actually making it for Giovanni as part of my supporting this new dad as he and Alison care for baby Daniel. So far, my coffee making has been labelled "OK" and at least he has been kind enough to drink it!

If you are living at Level 6 in Italy expresso is enjoyed all day...but capuccino only up until 11 am! Expats living here who venture to have a cappuccino after lunch in a restaurant risk the raised eyebrows. I think we will stick with the expresso with its iconic stove top coffee maker. French press coffee makers and Mr Coffee are not needed and not insight!

1 comment:

  1. Kathleen, I love the photos you added. The frosting on the cake for sure. I am looking forward to trying that coffee. I hope we can add cream and sugar. Not a straight shot type of gal. Love, and Hugs, Margene