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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Travelling to Ancona

According to my step-daughter Alison, Italians often clap when the plane lands, but even the English and this American clapped this morning when the Ryan Air pilot managed to find his way (yes, praise God there are instruments) through the fog and over the oil refinery...having slopped down from the alps and across a very misty, foggy Adriatic a smoothe landing.

I know I am a step granny (Granny Smith) and not a biological granny to Daniel, but my heart just melted when I saw him at Arrivals with his American flag baby cap. Blending multiple-passport famiies has its challenges but also amazing joys.   

We had so much we wanted to bring for this new grandchild, so it is easy to complain about only being allowed one carry on bag (as part of your flight price) but travelling this light also makes the journey much less stressful. Still, most of Chris's bag was loaded with baby toys and clothes that we had picked up in the States and the UK.

Having family provide all we couldn't pack (extra winter clothes, bath robes etc) is much appreciated. It makes me think about the challenge a young family faces with all the much needed baby items. I'll start scouting around for high chairs, car seats and whatever is needed when the Italian-English part of the family visit the states!

We give thanks for this time together.

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