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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Countdown to Moving

Jen is the young Russian-English woman I mentioned last week. In one more week's time she moves to Austalia. She's on "countdown."

With her busy life that includes recently being on American television to tell about the London Salt Cave as well as researching best new camera buys (she thinks Kuala Lumpur shops), I am impressed with her adding something very 21st century to her to-do list: She has checked that her mother has up to date skype contacts!

For so many years, preparing-to-go included checking contact details in a little leather address book; making sure you had telephone numbers and more recently, emails. Jen's mother is no novice to travelling, whether it's heading back to Russia (her country of origin) or seeing Jen off on adventures to Isreal, Thailand, Turkey, Hong Kong, the name it! But there are generational differences in dealing with what I called that "communication gap," that gap that comes when a member of the family travels off on their own. In my book, "Parents on the Move! (Destiny Image Europe publishers) I said that this was the gap that comes from differing time zones and unshared adventures.

Jen will communicate through her blog and develop her photoraphy, but I am impressed that this twenty-something woman took a moment in a very hectic countdown to relocating overseas to load up the skype contacts for her mum.

This week I continue to pray that Jen will see "Father God in the details" as she does all she needs to do before boarding that plane!

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