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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Final Edit  Late last night I completed what looks like the final edit of the book "Parents on the Move!" and sent it back to Marzia, the project manager at Destiny Image Europe. Reflecting on coming to the end of writing this "how to" book, I look back over the past months and think how blessed I have been to work with this publishing team. It has been such a good experience!

Every step of the way the Destiny team has supported and encouraged me, which as a first time book writer, has been much apprecitated. They provided an excellent editor; who while noting every "i" that needed dotting, and every "t" that needed crossing, kept me focusing on what was working. Almost daily emails from Marzia blessed me with seeing progress! Chief of the publishing team is Pastor Pietro Evangelista, and from the day he led me and the rest of team in praying for this book, I knew I had made the right choice to publish with Destiny Image. I give thanks for their work!

Soon, Pietro and members of the Destiny Image Europe team will head to Nigeria and Kenya to encourage potential authors to publish their story. Have a look at the Destiny Image Europe website and click on the You Tube section. See the work they are doing in Jesus' Name, "Changing the world, one book at a time."

And by the way, you can go to my website, and click on the You Tube "book trailer" orgainised by Destiny Image Europe to see our vision for "Parents on the Move!" The book will be on sale this March 2010. Praise God!

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