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Friday, 22 January 2010

Finding a Church

It's a challenge to find a new church when you move. Thankfully today there are several websites to help you out, and one is simply called

There are sites that call themselves "global," but unfortunately only mean American, and don't allow you to fill in the online form with the alpha-numeric zip codes (called post codes in some places) that are found where I am living in the UK. I often find myself wanting to fill in an American form that says it is international, but find it only takes numbers in the zip code area, and here we have both capital letters and numbers to make up that little code that insures the postman /mailman/postoffice worker gets to your house or flat/apartment.

So, on the new website that will support the book, Parents on the Move! we will be listing several links that I have tried and tested for finding a church in many parts of the world. Finding the name and address of a church is just the start-but an important start!- in finding a new faith family home. It can take considerable prayer, multiple visits and even what I call "hanging out time" to know if a church is right for you and your family.

Today let's take a moment to pray for those churches that need to keep their identity secret. Let's pray for the underground churches in the world. I hope that those of us living in countries where we are free to worship without fear take the time to attend the church of our choice and His leading. Let's give thanks for that freedom.

See you next Tuesday! DV!

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