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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

British Military Wives

This past Saturday I attended a wonderful one day women's conference in Aldershot, a home of the British military. To begin with there was a great welcome, which is always a good start. Most of the attendees were from the base, but there were others like me who had heard about this conference from their local church. I came with two friends, and we had a day to remember!

The speaker was from St Aldate's in Oxford ( and she travels all over the world with her ministry "Heartscry!" (  She's a Vicar's wife, but don't think of afternoon garden tea parties when you think of Rachel. Think of  challenging you to being a watchman/watchwoman for the nation! Let me explain.

Rachel held up a glass with water. "What happens when an opera singer goes for the high notes?"
The glass breaks. Sound makes a vibration.
It was with sounds put together in a word, that God breathed out the word and created the world.

Then...Rachel asked these military wives, "what happens when your husbands are marching and go over a bridge?"
My friends and I hadn't a clue,but the hall errupted with women saying, "they break step!"
What's that about?

Well, it seems that the vibrations of marching could bring down the bridge unless they broke the pattern of being in-step. NOW, think of the walls of Jerricho. Men marching in step, round and round the walls seven times.

Rachel then asked us, "what sound are you making?"

She said that from the beginning of time God designed us, and made us to be here for such a time as this. (yes, think Ester) Are we being called to be "watch women?" Is there something happening in our world with which we are "not best pleased?" Are we meant to make a difference? What is it we want to say? What sound are we making and sending out in the world? Are we saying, "Not on my watch!" to something we feel strongly about?

I pray that you make a sound or two today. What is your sound? If we are in agreement about the sounds we send out and "keep in step" a wall or two just might come down.

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