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Monday, 8 February 2010

Stop Overs

You may recall I have been praying for Jen, the lovely young woman relocating to Australia. She skyped the other night/day when she stopped over in Kuala Lumpur. I thought her remarks on the advantages of "stop overs" was worth noting here, especially for Experience Levels One and Two. See her notes below and then order the book "Parents on the Move!" to check out your Level of Relocation vs Experience Level!

“Doing a stopover”  by Jen:

"It had been a while since I did a stopover and I decided to make this particular one longer than the previous because I was flying to Australia and would have had to change planes anyhow. My stopover was in Kuala Lumpur - around 25 hours, not including the journey to and from the airport...

Overall, I would say it was a positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is flying far and has the option of stopping in a new location for a night. Firstly, a stopover gives one the opportunity to get a taste of another city without having to commit yourself to one or two weeks- if you do not like the place, there are no regrets because you are only there for a night and if you do like what you see, you can always come back to explore further another time.

Secondly, long-haul flights can be exhausting and as we know, not good for our health so a stopover which includes a night in a hotel is a perfect way to un-wind, rest and break up your journey.

Finally, it also helps to deal with jet lag as it gives you an extra day to re-adjust and catch up with your new time zone, thus avoiding the unnecessary shock to your system when you arrive at your final destination."

It was great to literally see Jen in Kuala Lumpur on the webcam...I am not always a fan of using the camera when talking on skype but it was good to see her looking so well after such a long flight.

Just a note to say I have taken off the "comments" section of this blog as I understand you can only comment if you have a google account. Most of the comments I have received so far have come from email anway. Please do checkout the website for contact details.

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