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Friday, 12 March 2010

Families in Global Transition Conference

We gathered from all over the world to share our experiences of living in countries that do not match our passports. We were corporate, military, NGO's, missionaries, diplomatic service and support spouses. The moment we walked into the Houston hotel we were with "our tribe!"

Kim did a great job in organising this weekend conference that featured guest speakers, breakfast round tables, research findings and workshops...and a creative dance or two with media. We were young tck's (third culture kids) and "older." Some of us had done "re-entry" and some of us have never known when to to go home...some of us have never had such a place in the first place but we all love family life and adventures in global nomadic life. Whew, it was good to be home- for the weekend!

I launched my "baby"...the book "Parents in Global Transition!" and was so encouraged to meet with other "new moms/mums" as they brought their "first born home" for the parents (multi-published authors in this cross cultural field)  to see and, hopefully, review. Jo Parfitt gave several wonderfully encouraging workshops for writers finding their voice in a group of fluctuating accents. We didn't have to be any nationality to put pen to paper, just a story and a willingness to share that story. I have signed up for further writing workshops with Jo and have asked that she please start a writers "toddler group" for all of us first book authors.

I know as I reflect on this conference I will be writing more about Families in Global Transition; but for now, let me say that I have uploaded a photo of the first person who bought my book. The buyer was a young American who works at an international school in China. He bought one for himself and one for his headmaster. I give thanks, and pray that he is blessed by what he reads in "Parents on the Move."

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