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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Your International Love Language!

Next Sunday (not this coming Sunday) is what they call Mothering Sunday in the UK, and I want to show my love to my children and give thanks to God for being a mom/mum. There were days, months, years when I wondered if I would ever get to be a mother. I was told that maybe I would never have that opportunity for medical reasons. Then, when I did get pregnant, I had four miscarriages. As I am one of those mothers that start talking to their babies within two weeks of conception, there is no way I can forget those precious little lives.

So, it is with great joy that I give thanks for my kids. It would have been good to have the book  Five Love Languages (there is a version for kids), when they were young but at least I am aware of the Love Language concept at this stage of their adult lives.  My daughter and I have one of our love languages in common (Quality Time) and she has planned a Mothering Sunday treat on the Saturday.  I am very much looking forward to a day at a London spa! We're not spending money on facials or other treatments, but we are looking forward to time together just hanging out at the pool and steam room. We could talk for both the England and American Olympic teams!

My son is also great at remembering Mothering Sunday, but due to the fact it is so near his birthday we often chose to celebrate the American Mother's Day which is later in May. If you happen to be in the card shops in London (especially Canary Wharf area where expats tend to work) in May, you will see signs for "International Mother's Day" as the Australians and Germans, among others, also celebrate their mums/moms at that time. When I was an HR consultant for Lehman Brothers and Chase Manhattan/JP Morgan, I told many clients to remember, "She who "mothers" in two countries deserves two Mother's Days!"

I give thanks for the six adult "kids" that my husband and I now have between us; for our mended (ing?), somewhat blended family...and this mom still has four additional blessings to meet in heaven. I give thanks.

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