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Monday, 21 March 2011

Day Out in Italy

Jo Parfitt's father wrote a book called "Global Grandparents" and it suggests than when you are visiting your children overseas it is a good idea to take a day or two and go out somewhere on your own. Leave the kids in peace! Give them a break!

So, today my husband and I decided we would brave the Italian traffic and head a hundred miles down the road to the seaside town of Pescara. The head office of my publisher, Destiny Image Europe has their office there and we were able to meet up with the lovely and welcoming Destiny Image Europe Team. For two hours we talked over my next book, as well as promotion work for my first book, "Parents on the Move!" Then we went to lunch together, and that is where I saw the greatest little idea for helping young families as they gather their lunch at a cafeteria. I will post a photo of this "Family Tray Carrier" as I call it when we get back to the UK and I can load up the photo.It may not be earth shaking, but I love simple technology that makes life for young moms and dads as simple as possible. Apparently those of you who have visited IKEA stores will have seen this little device but it is available generally throughout Italy.

Back "home", my step-daughter and I made a last minute run to the store to get my English son in law's birthday present;which of course will remain secret, but I have to say I am pleased that the home designer G..... has their home in this Marche' region of Italy. There are twenty one regions of Italy and this one is the home of G....and shoes- lots of Outlets!

We are now packing and preparing to get all we can into the one carry on bag allowed on Ryan Air and head back to the UK in the morning. Granddad is reading bedtime stories now and we prepare to say goodbye to Baby D. While global grandparenting has it's blessings, it is always hard to say goodbye.

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