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Thursday, 31 March 2011

English Mother's Day

We're back in Surrey, England and looking forward to my daughter and son in law coming down from London to celebrate English Mother's Day; or Mothering Sunday, as they call it in the UK. The stores are packed with cards and flowers and gifts to give "mum." Even the post office had a lovely gift card, where you could load up a bit of money for your mum to spend at a variety of local shops.

I continue to give thanks for being able to be a mum/mom. Father God was and is so good to me!

So we go from celebrating Italian Father's Day Saturday before last, to English Mother's Day which may be a whole-weekend event. My daughter and I plan to take Saturday morning and enjoy a "facial" at Neal's Yard (a branch of the famous London natural skin-care shop) and then shop for some up-coming weddings of family and friends.

Then, in the late afternoon there are several music concerts; and though I am not sure they are in honour of Mother's Day, this mom is looking forward to going! One concert features rock- gospel. There is a whisper that this group which will be singing at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford on Saturday, may be tipped to be part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. As my husband's oldest son is singing, we just might be able to say we will have someone in the family who is in the UK Olympics!

That evening a step-daughter in law will be singing English Cathedral Music at a church in Fleet, so we will head on to concert number two of the day after a quick Chinese dinner take away. Cathedral music doesn't seem to be much in demand for the Olympic concerts, but I am looking forward to quiet moments soaking in this historic musical tradition. I love Saturday nights when music prepares hearts and minds for Sunday worship.

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