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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Relocation Support Team List

So, you are developing your personal support team for your overseas relocation. Even if you are not a list-person, it's time to make at least one list in your life to note the members of your personal team as you change countries. Especially if you are a single parent, you need this team. Single parents cannot throw their hands up in the air declaring that life is all too much to handle while trying to get to grips with a new job and say, "I'm leaving all that family stuff to the wife!"

As mentioned, your number one support is your faith in Father God and all He will do, as this relocation is NO surprise to Him. Joining this Number One on your list is someone who might be a prayer partner especially for your relocation research trip, as well as the period of transition from one country to another. This prayer partner understands that you need someone to whom you can give your prayer concerns (let them have the list!), keep these concerns confidential and at the same time remember that you are on the move and need an Aaron and a Hur (OK, some of us need two prayer partners!).

Number Two on your list is a Health Advisor. This is someone who will get you the telephone numbers of health providers in your new location. You do not want to have your child wake up in the middle of the night with pain (usualy ears) or quite ill from some strange-to-them food they ate and not know whom to call/ring. Who answers YOUR phone at three in the morning?

Number Three on my personal support team list is knowing where I can find a small Bible study group in my new location. This is the group of people who will remind me time and time again that no matter where in the world I go, Father God goes with me. It may take awhile to find such a group in your new location, and often you will wait to find this group when you have found a new church. Still, the sooner I can plug into Women's Ministry, the sooner I have access to other women of faith who know their way around the community, and that is an amazing assistance for mothers! Single working mothers may find this in their place of work (though that is more in London for lunch and New York City for after work).

Number Four on the list is an education advisor, and this does not necessarily mean a highly paid education consultant, but someone you can discuss personal child related school issues in the early days of relocation. This person can give you invaluable advise on assisting your child make the transition from one academic culture to another. Getting those first days of school right can make all the difference to a successful relocation for you and your child/children. It is a good idea to choose someone (for your personal education support) that will not just commiserate about how another country does things in the classroom, but can either explain details to you or assist you with developing a successful strategy for working with your child's new teacher.
Tomorrow I will look at the next three people on your Relocation Support Team..there are ten in all to assist you with a successful relocation indeed!

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