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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Relocation Support Team- Part Two

Your Relocation Support Team List

Number Five
Number five on your Relocation Support Team (RST) is "Driver!" Two weeks ago I wrote about having a driver to take you around on your research trip, so that you are on time for your school appointments. A driver can also show you good neighbourhoods, and places to shop. If a professional driver (check they know school locations and not just business locations)is just too expensive for your relocation budget, and the Tom Tom is a challenge too far, then pray for someone who will be on the end of the phone to help you resource what you need.

Some of us, with map reading ability at zero, need some one who can simply draw a clear map. Think through the assistance you require to find who, what and where your needs are located in your new location. A new friend who knows the territory and doesn't mind giving you time to let you know the location of grocery stores and reasonably priced school clothes is a must on your support list!

Number Six
Number six on your RST is "Housing Advisor." Long after you have had your wonderful estate agent/ realtor find you a place to live, you need the contact details for what ever you need to look after your new home. Plumber? Repairman? The Housing Advisor has all the numbers! In the states, your realtor is often more than helpful with assisting you in this area. In the UK you may need to dig a little further to get someone to advise you. Remember, when you are renting you can't just call anyone to come in and fix the toilet, no matter how desperate you are; you must call in approved workers.

Number Seven
A Finance Advisor is a very good person to have on your list of support. This is not your accountant, but someone who is happy to advise you on purchases such as furniture or groceries. Note that this person is often the one who spends recreational time just hunting for bargains. Check if she (usually) is up for a chat over lunch- and have her recommend a good place. She will often know the best and yet most reasonable restaurant in town!

Asking for help
I was recently reminded by a friend that some cultures, such as the British, find it incredibly difficult to accept help even when offered. "Take up every offer of help at this time!," said this relocating mother. This is no time for pride; but very much a time to be gracious in accepting help as part of your welcome into your new community. Who knows? It might not be long before you know your way around and assist the next new person to the neighbourhood.

Tomorrow we complete the support list for your successful relocation...

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