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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

On the move-again!

In my book, Parents on the Move," I write about "good closure;" that is, taking time to say goodbye and preparing to move to your next location. As I live this global family life, I am taking my own advice. In the next weeks I will not be writing my usual weekly blog for Parents on the Move, but spending time with family and friends as we pack up to move back to the UK.

My husband and I look forward to having time with family over Thanksgiving on the USA side of the pond, and then reuniting with family over Christmas on the UK side of the pond. At the moment I am revelling in Thanksgiving colours and recipes, and enjoying speaking on skype with my daughter as she plans a Thanksgiving meal with friends at her church. She informed me today that there is a food store in London selling Thanksgiving food items and promising to donate the proceeds to the American Church in London. ACL has a wonderful soup kitchen that has been going for years, so what a great fundraising idea!

So with a focus firmly on givng thanks, I re-read what I wrote in Parents on the Move! (Destiny Image publishers) and will get busy preparing to once again be "on the move!" May blessings abound for you and your global family. See you again when the plane lands in London!

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