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Thursday, 22 December 2011

And now for the UK!

It is hard to believe that it is a month since I last updated my blog, "Parents on the Move!" The reason for this break is that my husband I have been on the move with a re-entry for four months to the UK. You may recall that we live part of the year in the United States and part of the year in the United Kingdom, though how much of the year is spent in each country varies. We also visit my husband's daughter, son in law and grandchild in Italy each year. Whereever we are, it does feel like home.

It was a challenge to leave Florida this year; leaving family and friends, our church, and great weather. We both enjoy the American way of life, but as soon as we landed on UK soil; we wondered how we will be able to leave it at the end of our time here. I was so pleased to be met at the airport by my daughter and have already had one lovely day with her in her new home in London.

As Christmas approaches, we genuinely look forward to having adult children and grandchildren visit; and we look forward to visiting them in their homes. We have six children between us, all truely a joy. We aren't pretending to be a blended family but we are also real about valuing each member of this greatly extended family and so grateful for time together.

It is my prayer that you and your family have a blessed time together (even if it is just a skype moment!), whever in the world you are for the holiday!

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  1. I understand exactly what you are expressing here in this post addition.

    I too, am a mother on the move and though its only from one state to another I have felt that roller coaster of emotions. Every couple of months I get so homesick, needing to see my family back in Kansas City.

    I am lucky to have a husband who understands that we as women are made for relationships and its not just with them. For a woman to truly be complete she needs a balance of brothers, sisters, children, grand kids, nieces and nephews and such.

    When I first remarried five years ago and began this back and forth adventure I was torn. I felt as if home was in the air on a jet plane simply because I had not learned how to truly commit to where I was each moment at each day. Once the Lord Jesus taught me that peace is attained as I fully pledge my love and attention to where I was each day, while keeping others in his hands of care. Then I began to experience an amazing process while actually in the air, half way from one place to the other. I would give where I was coming from to the Lord, and embrace where I was going. While being in Kansas I would focus on my family fully and not be grief stricken at the absence of my husband. What is amazing is up til the very day I would leave to go home, I was there, 100 percent being a mom and a sister but the day I was to go back to Florida, the inner roll would instinctively change. Suddenly I changed the mother gown to the wedding gown and I was ready to go back home.

    There is as much peace as can humanly be attained in this process and though yes I miss my family I too know in a few months I will be back to be filled up once again.

  2. I give thanks for your comment, Diana. It makes me think how blessed we are to be able to see/visit our family...especially when so many families in years past said goodbye and that was planes, no internet! And even in this day loved ones are in prison and unable to connect. So much to be thankful for!