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Friday, 27 January 2012

High in the Skies

My husband and I like to connect with family over the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season; and like many multinational families, that requires getting on an airplane. I actually like flying. For some reason, I find fellow travellors friendly, security people often funny; and when on the plane it is rest all the way. Someone else cooks dinner, serves the meals, cleans up and all I have to do is catch up on two or three films or read from my stack on kindle. What's not to like?

But last week's flight back up from Italy to the UK was the stuff of which nighmares and crazy films are made.As the plane slammed from side to side, and twisted over what was more of a view of the alps than I paid for, I was not peacefully watching a film (one of those no-frills flights which I also enjoy as I still have my kindle and time with my husband.) At one point, when the plane slammed us in one direction, as we then were tossed back to the other side, I caught hold of the top of the seat in front to steady me, and I lifted the other hand up and aloud prayed the Name of Jesus.
"Jesus! The Name of Jesus! Jesus!" I cried.
"Kathleen!" my husband reprimanded me by his tone, "You are scaring the other passenger!" He did his English whisper.
I opened my eyes, " I am.Sorry." I slunk down into the chair and stopped-but so had the turbulance!

I recall another night, coming into JFK, New York out of Heathrow, London.We had flown most of the night but it was still dark outside. Infact, the second in command to the pilot announced that the weather was so bad (he used more sophisticated terminology for weather conditions) that we would have to stack for awhile. In a little while, the pilot came on the PA system and said that we would be stacking for another half an hour, but unlike the other planes due to land we would actually be landing in good time. The other planes now stacking with us would be heading off to alternative airports.
"If you have ever doubted the capability of women pilots, do let tonight change your mind. Being a woman driver,"said our pilot," I flew out with more than enough gas! The male pilots in the planes you now can see turning away, only took the minimum. This momma knows how to get her kids home!"

And though we swept from side to side as we went down the run way, to an uproar of applause, we landed safely.

Giving thanks for all the pilots who got us where we needed to go over Christmas.And giving thanks for all the uneventful flights ever flown.Pilots - male and female- you serve us well. Thank you.

And now, I just have to link you to a photo I love of the Singapore airport. It was taken by a young mom doing a family trip over the holidays. She has a great blog (we have major disagreemens over some things, but I love Crystal's day to day writing)that I came across on twitter from Crossing Cultures. She has kindly given me permission to link to the photos- do take a look!
If for any reason you cannot see the link- please google: angry-birds-at-changi-airport

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