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Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Lunch

We've been back in the UK awhile now (still recovering from the short but challenging flight up from Italy); and while we have dealt with grey and cold and several sunny but cold days, I must say my favourite time of the week is Sunday lunch.

For many, Sundays are the most boring and often lonely days of the week; and it used to be that way for me. Then, a man named Tony Staite came and spoke at our church. "This needs to be a 'dinner party' church," he said.

Was that some frivolous remark for a Surrey mentality of wealth and meant as part of what the leisure class should do to stave off boredom? Not at all, but a challenge to reach out to our community however we define "community." As I am a Level 4 (Do read, "Parents on the Move!" ordered through Amazon), I can't stand cultural dominancy; so it would need to be a meal for folk who love crossing cultures. My husband is English and I am American (well, I've lived in the UK for over thirty years so am not sure how American I truely am anymore), so we are off to at least a cross-cultural start.

Each Sunday now, after church, we invite people back to the house for lunch. Thankfully, our church is such a cultural mix there is no fear of the conversation being dominated by Conservatives/Liberal/Labour. I value my husband's English opinion, but after so many years abroad I would rather not spend our lovely lunch just defending/not defending the latest thing the President has in the news; from a table full of either his culture or my culture of origin. In addition to our multi-cultural church, Ellel International Ministries is just up the road; and this past Sunday lunch we invited a wonderful young couple from the Ukraine who work in that ministry. Oh, the stories!

All around us are amazing people with stories of how they live and work and love their neighbours from all over the globe. God has us on a journey, and there are so many stories to share; encouraging us to enjoy this life and value/share what we have. Such a simple idea,this meal sharing on a Sunday; taken from at least a generation ago.Simple meal, simple idea....stories to last you all week! Check out: Seeds of the Kingdom

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